How to Optimize Windows For PC Gaming?

By Ripple

  • Friday Apr 28

Gaming on a PC is not very easy as you have to keep your PC up to date. Besides, it is pretty challenging to figure out the specific PC settings that will improve your gaming. However, here are a few setting adjustments that will let you get the most out of your PC.

Configuring Your Display Option

Most game enthusiasts are not satisfied with their display performance and waste a lot of money on gaming monitors. However, they do not comprehend the fact that they were not using the optimum display configuration. For instance, if your monitor supports a 144Hz refresh rate, you should enable it in your operating system to achieve smoother gameplay.

In Windows, you should go to the display setting and set the refresh rate as high as possible. Besides, you can also turn on the supersampling driver option to get crisp images. Similarly, you should also set up the HDR mode if your display supports it. High Dynamic Range allows the monitor to display a wide range of colors and contrasts.

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Upgrading Your Graphics Drivers

Graphic drivers play an essential role in optimizing your operating system for gaming. However, you don’t have to update your drivers until and unless you face some issue. Acclaimed manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD repeatedly issue driver updates and boosts the optimization of games. Thus, you need to keep the graphic drivers up-to-date and uplift the performance, especially on new titles.

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Improving Your Wi-Fi

If you are interested in playing online gaming, then you should certainly improve your internet. A bad Internet connection can cause lagging and stuttering. One of the best ways to improve your internet connectivity is directly connecting your PC with the Ethernet cable. Besides, you can also use powerline adapters to run network data via electrical wiring in the house. A sturdy connection with relatively low latency is what you should be aiming for.

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Optimum Configuration of Mouse Setting

You might not have any problem with the movement of your mouse. However, there are specific configurations that are meant solely for desktop works and certain arrangements for gaming. First, ensure that your mouse pointer speed is set to the default sixth notch and disable the mouse acceleration. Mouse acceleration is used to move your mouse pointer faster. However, this is not something that you will adore for gaming. For gaming, you want your cursor to be less sensitive, and thus you disable the enhanced pointer precision.

On the other hand, you can also alter the sensitivity in games settings. For example, if you use a gaming mouse with adjustable DPI, you can easily adjust the in-game sensitivity. However, mouse sensitivity is a personal preference, and you can try a lot of configurations.  

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Controlling the Background Processes

If many programs are running in the background, it might restrict you from entirely playing your games. Although it doesn’t bring a massive improvement, it will indeed play a vital role in refining your gaming performance. Further, this will also prevent the background processes from stealing CPU power and installing the new driver. Having said that, we recommend you to focus more on the hardware, drivers, and settings.  

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